Time to change

Earlier this week had the dubious pleasure of spending an night at Jefferson Memorial Hospital under observation due to some issues I was having. Not what I had planned for Thanksgiving week but it ended on a positive note with a visit in the room from Dr Mark Cucuzzella. Our chat revolved around diet issues, insulin resistance and the benefits of a low carb diet.

I had not met Dr Cucuzzella before but I came away impressed and convinced that I needed to take up the challenge so here  we are with a new approach to our diet that we plan to integrate into our food and recipe website www.emptynestgourmet.com and I have personally given his recommendation a nickname of the Cucuzzella challenge. I hope he does not mind but it helps my motivation.

If any of my followers on the site or through our sites facebook would like to join us in this challenge we would welcome your participation. I plan to take the recipes we find that work and add them to the site and facebook so you can follow along.

The recipes will be low carb or in some cases no carb but always tasty and enjoyable and we hope easy to prepare. We will also add the occassional dessert recipe as a reward for our efforts.

We kicked off the challenge tonight with a recipe for Bang Bang Chicken with Vegetables that was excellent so if you are up for it give it a try. It is easy and quick to prepare.

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