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I’m back in the kitchen

Trying to re-start my cooking mojo having been laid up for a year. Looking forward to spending some time in the kitchen and a little time at the dinner table. This is my warm up first dish in a long time, Salmon with beetroot, feta and lime salsa.

Spicy Shrimp Sheet-Pan Dinner

Beyond healthy, this low carb diet is starting to be fun. Trying new low carb recipes and finding winners such as this one from the Betty Crocker recipe site should show results very soon. Certainly seeing the weight start to drop helps but it helps a lot when the meals are satisfying as well. Find the recipe here

Mushrooom Chilli with Lime Sour Cream

A hearty and flavorful vegetarian dish that makes a satisfying supper for two.

Israeli Spice Chicken

This simple dinner dish is so full of flavor and so very easy to make you will want to add it to your list of "Go To" dinners.  For best results, plan a little ahead so the chicken can absorb as much of the spice as possible as it sits overnight. For a change up on a warm evening cook the chicken on the grill. Serve with a herbed couscous pilaf and seasoned carrots.

Curried egg salad with pickled beets

For dinner tonight, Sue prepared this all vegetarian salad in the hopes that we can force summer into showing up. This light curried egg salad with pickled beets is just delightful and summery with an egg salad sitting on a bed of toasted pumpernickel and Boston lettuce. Go to the recipe

Ratatouille Lasagna

We made this dish for a recent open house and it was very well received. Filled with layers of Ratatoulle, Marinara, a layer of sun dried tomato and kicked up a notch with a little help from our home made Basil pesto in the ricotta cheese mix. This dish is flavorful enough to make a vegetarian out of any meat lover. Find the recipe here

Shrimp Laksa Curry Bowl for dinner

Tonights recipe for the folks that are following or joining in with our kicked up weight loss diet is a shrimp laksa curry bowl. This dish does have some carbs from the rice noodles but overall would be considered a very healthy supper. I can say that it is delicious. The heat from the red peppers is just right. So fast and easy for a weeknight dish, it only takes 15-20 minutes from start to finish. Give it a try, I think you will really like it,

Time to change

Earlier this week had the dubious pleasure of spending an night at Jefferson Memorial Hospital under observation due to some issues I was having. Not what I had planned for Thanksgiving week but it ended on a positive note with a visit in the room from Dr Mark Cucuzzella. Our chat revolved around diet issues, insulin resistance and the benefits of a low carb diet. I had not met Dr Cucuzzella before but I came away impressed and convinced that I needed to take up the challenge so here  we are ...

Charcoal Grilled Red Snapper with Fennel Slaw

Seasoned red snapper cooked over charcoal and served on a bed of fennel slaw.
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